CSR theme 3
Smart logistics

We are committed to reducing the CO2 output of our fleet (both passenger cars and lorries) through the use of state-of-the-art technology. Our goal is to keep transactions to a minimum by using large and efficiently loaded units in our daily laundry transport. This can be achieved by making our deliveries as efficient as possible in terms of frequency.

MVO Thema 3 NL

We have the following goals:

  • In 2025 we will emit 25% less CO2

This is what Nedlin has already achieved:

  • Use sustainable Euro 6 lorries.
  • Use sustainable LNG trucks
  • Use efficient double deckers for long distances.
  • Reduce fuel by 10-15% per kilometre driven thanks to Mobicoach.

CSR Goals

We have summarised our ambitions and concrete results in 6 themes. By working on various projects with our employees in project teams, we will quickly realise our ambitions, and create support and solidarity in achieving our goals.

Transparante keten
Transparent supply chain
MVO Thema 2 card
Energy efficiency
Smart logistics
Sustainable working environment
Duurzaam aanbod
Responsible product range
MVO Thema 6 card