Sponsor of progress 

We show our social commitment together with our employees. They know what is important to our clients and our local community. Because of our sound management, we can offer funds at three levels every year: corporate sponsoring, business relations and local involvement.


Het BeterBoek

At every hospital where we take care of the laundry, we sponsor Het BeterBoek. This is an initiative to make children staying at the hospital as comfortable as possible.

United World College
Team Parkhotel

Cycling Team

Corporate sponsoring

We donate to the United World College Maastricht. This is an international school where diversity is celebrated every day, just like at our company. This is a place where talents from all layers of society can grow into conscious citizens. With our donations, this new generation of change makers have the support they need to use their talents to achieve peace and sustainability in the future.

Corporate relations

We support various projects and initiatives from clients and relations. From local campaigns to stimulate reading among adolescents, to sport events to collect money for research into treating terminal illnesses. This way, we hope to increase the impact of meaningful campaigns on a small and large scale. Together we can make the difference.

Local involvement

Local involvement is in the DNA of our company and our employees. And because no one knows the needs of the local community better than our employees, we have given them joint responsibility of our sponsoring budget. All employees are encouraged to use their individual sponsoring budget to support an association, charity or club.

Amalia Kinderziekenhuis
World Cleanup Day 2019
World Cleanup Day
tiny forest

Tiny Forest

Together with IVN and the municipality of Heerlen, we will plant Nedlin’s first Tiny Forest. A green oasis of native plants, with educational facilities for the local primary school.

We support:

Toon Hermans Huis; United World College Maastricht; Limburgs Schutterij Museum; Tiny Forest; Het BeterBoek; Parkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team; Natuurmonumenten; Familiekamer Amalia Kinderziekenhuis; Vista College Sittard; Aelserhof Vivantes; diverse lokale sportclubs, schutterijen, muziek- en carnavalsverenigingen; Stichting SIDVO; Stichting Dierenambulance Limburg Zuid; Because we Carry; Fashionclash Maastricht; Conincx Pop; Vereniging van Medici in Suriname; World Cleanup Day; SU4SU