Laundry appears quite a simple business, and yet it is a complex logistical operation. It's certainly complex for the clients we like to work for; organizations in which there is more to laundry than just laundry. These are pioneering organizations that, just like us, do not make any concessions in terms of the quality they deliver.

We approach your logistical problems as a challenge. They are an opportunity to demonstrate that things can be done differently – and better; an opportunity to showcase the extent of our knowledge and expertise. Every day is a new day.

We do not make any concessions when it comes to quality and hygiene. That is why we have designed our processes to guarantee the maximum level of quality without affecting the sustainability of these processes.

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Guaranteed standards
Nedlin is certified in accordance with the regulations and standards set by the Foundation for Certification in Textile Maintenance, Certex, which are based on ISO 9001. As such, the business processes are guaranteed and Nedlin guarantees the strictest quality requirements in terms of hygiene, monitoring, and continuity.

In addition, Nedlin is RABC-certified (Risk Analysis Contamination Control - EN 14065) with a view to hygiene. RABC is complementary to HACCP and is intended to manage potential risks in the area of bio-contamination. In this regard, Nedlin uses stricter standards than the national regulations with regard to the amount of CFUs (colony-forming units) that an end product may contain. In accordance with the WIP regulations, the permitted maximum is 48 CFUs/rodac, whereas Nedlin uses the standard of a maximum of ten CFUs/rodac. Our Process Guard system, which measures the microbiological condition during the laundry process, and highly-efficient and hygienic internal logistics processes make us unique in the market.

Different regulations apply to each industry. Naturally, Nedlin complies with these regulations, such as the NEN-750 standard, which means you are guaranteed high-quality linen. With regard to hygiene in the food industry, Nedlin complies with the HACCP standard. In addition, we offer specialist workwear that complies with a whole host of requirements, such as ISO11611 and ISO11612 for fire-retardant properties, EN1149-5 for anti-static properties, and EN13034 as protection against liquid chemicals.

Aside from ISO 9001 and RABC, we also have a ISO 22000 certification. A standard in the area of food safety.

All client agreements are clearly recorded in Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These SLAs contain all information on deadlines, delivery frequencies, the delivery method, and the composition of the linen package. In this regard, all communication is carried out via a single, dedicated point of contact within our organization. Nedlin is a reliable partner throughout the process.