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You would like to keep your total costs to a minimum? Choose excellent quality, prime logistics and supreme washing processes.  

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Each day offers new opportunities. New insights. New energy. Lightening your burden is our day to day job. So you can focus on what you do best: providing excellent service and hospitality. Nedlin offers direct communication and the highest quality in service and products. And of course, a deal is a deal.

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Most high-quality linen
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100% hygienic
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Always enough supply
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Smart logistics
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All services under one roof
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A deal is a deal
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Highest environmental benefit
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Balancing sustainability
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We rent out and clean linen for major hotels and holiday resorts in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Thanks to our unique system and highly efficient logistics, we guarantee you will always have exactly the right amount of linen at your disposal.

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Our service revolts around our products. For lasting beauty of our linen and towels, we invest in the best quality. Thanks to our innovative laundry process, our products last considerably longer. As a result, your total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.

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Flawless service

More and more businesses are choosing Nedlin. One of the most innovative and sustainable laundry facilities in Europe. They are choosing a fully automated and verifiable system, lower costs, a positive impact on the environment, and optimal service.

Our references

We work for a variety of hotels and hotel chains. Partners with whom for years we enhance our performance each and every day.

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Visit us

We may talk to you about quality and efficiency, about innovation and sustainability. But you may also see us perform better each day firsthand. You are most welcome to join us on a tour, so we can demonstrate our approach and our working method.

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    Balancing sustainability and experience
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