Code of Conduct

We are Nedlin. Everything we do revolves around laundry. Our ambition is to improve on what we do day by day. We know that we are capable of doing so and, more importantly, we also believe that we should. We want to make things better for our customers, our employees, and our community.

Nedlin is a family business that focuses on the long term – on the future. We realize that tomorrow’s world calls for smart solutions to social, ecological, and economic issues. 

We strive to make a difference to our customers, to our local community, and to the environment of the people with whom we work. 

We are fully committed to social and sustainable innovation, endeavouring to minimize our ecological footprint through the development and use of smart and efficient technology. We do this together with our suppliers, employees, customers, and other stakeholders. 

Together, we can improve on our performance day by day and make improvements for our people, our company, and our environment.

This Code of Conduct is applicable for Nedlin Hospitality, Nedlin Healthcare, and Nedlin Industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is the responsibility of everyone involved in Nedlin. Our collective knowledge and experience mean that we can make a real difference for tomorrow’s world. We are constantly on the lookout for partnerships in the supply chain. We look for ways to work with suppliers, customers, and other parties to improve performance and operate more sustainably. Our actions are based on the following central themes.

Transparent supply chain
Together with our partners, we strive to achieve a transparent and sustainable supply chain – from sustainable crops, environmentally friendly methods for harvesting and processing, and fair trade to energy-efficient processing and recycling. The entire supply chain is mapped out and evaluated and optimized on a yearly basis.

Energy efficient 
Nedlin makes use of the latest and smartest techniques within the European laundry sector. We are always looking for ways to make our laundries more energy efficient, implement these methods, and minimize our CO2 emissions in doing so.

Smart logistics
We are constantly working to minimize the CO2 emissions of our fleet (including both passenger cars and lorries) and make use of the latest technology in order to achieve this.

Sustainable working environment 
We are constantly innovating in order to make our employees’ work as enjoyable and ergonomically comfortable as possible. We therefore offer them plenty of opportunities for further development, on both a personal and professional level, and to stay healthy. 

Responsible range of services 
Together with our suppliers and our customers, we are working on a responsible and
sustainable range of services. Our processes ensure that all items can be processed optimally and reused for as long as possible.

Sharing with one another
Our employees share our sense of commitment. They know what’s going on with our customers and in our local community. Thanks to our sound business operations, we can make an amount of money available each year for sponsorship at corporate, customer, and local level.

Nicolle Janssen
Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets out the standards, values, and rules of conduct that Nedlin pursues and complies with. By signing this document, our employees and suppliers can show that they agree with this Code. The clients with whom we enter into partnerships identify with our values and basic principles, so that we can all contribute to a more sustainable future. 

From profit to value

Nedlin is a family business that focuses on the long term – on the future. For us, running a business means more than simply earning money. And in order to retain that right, we aspire to create value rather than maximize our profits. We assess our norms and values against the following principles:

  • Equality, respect, diversity, and integrity 

  • Innovation, sustainability, and corporate social responsibilityn

  • Legislation and regulations and safety

1. We embrace the differences  
Our employees are a reflection of society. Nedlin welcomes all motivated go-getters, regardless of their gender, religion, or heritage. They feel at home with us, at a company where differences between people are acknowledged, accepted, and appreciated. We develop ourselves on the basis of curiosity and diversity. We learn from and inspire one another, and we are all working towards the same goal.

2. Together, we want to improve our performance
We encourage our employees to continue developing, on a personal and professional level, and stay healthy. Together, we feel responsible for creating a pleasant working atmosphere and treating one another with respect.

Our family business has clear policy lines, and everyone is easy to approach. We are committed and want to be of service. And we always fulfil our promises.

3. Everyone is entitled to a safe working environment
We believe that everyone is entitled to a safe, clean, and healthy working environment. Our processes and systems are completely tailored to this purpose. We expect this not only for our own working environment, but also for that of our suppliers, partners, and customers. 

It is the responsibility of each individual employee to comply with our company policy and procedures on health and safety.

4. We believe that everyone is equal
We respect the universal rights of people and act accordingly. We will not tolerate discrimination, child labour, or forced labour. This applies both to Nedlin and to our suppliers, partners, and customers.

5. We keep our relationships strictly professional
We keep our relationships strictly professional and do not influence customer representatives by offering them something of value. Our employees do, however, have the freedom to offer customers or partners a gift or meal, provided it is not excessive or inappropriate. If we do so, we always respect local norms and customs. Tendering and quotation procedures form the exception to this rule, given that contact during such procedures remains formal at all times.

Our employees will never accept any kind of gifts, favours, or special services for personal gain. Provided they are not excessive or inappropriate, any gifts that we receive are raffled among our entire staff each year.

6. We respect legislation and regulations
Nedlin behaves with integrity in all of its communications with its customers, partners, employees, suppliers, and competitors. We do not carry out any unfair or misleading activities, we do not make any unfounded or unnecessary statements about any of our competitors, and we make clear to all of our suppliers exactly what is expected of them. Our suppliers endorse the Nedlin Code of Conduct and comply with the applicable laws and regulations.

7. We endeavour to minimize our environmental impact
We endeavour to minimize our ecological footprint through the development and use of smart and efficient technology. We do this together with our suppliers, employees, customers, and other stakeholders. 

This is reflected in the choices that we make. When investing in linen, we opt for sustainable materials. We try and find solutions for our fleet that have a minimal impact on CO2 emissions. Our entire production chain is structured to limit its impact on the environment. This includes water and energy consumption, the washing process, and the use of detergents. We do not think in terms of waste streams but try to use our waste as raw materials elsewhere. 

8. We avoid conflicting interests
Our employees do not compete with the interests and activities of Nedlin; they ensure that all the actions they carry out on behalf of Nedlin are never influenced, or seemingly influenced, by their own personal interests or those of their family.

9. We act like a good neighbour
A good neighbour is worth more than a distant friend. As a family business that is strongly embedded in the local community, we strive to make a difference for our local environment, and the environment of the people with whom we work. After all, our employees live in and around the municipalities in which our laundries are based. We therefore make an annual budget available for sponsorship at local and employee level.