ISO 22000

With the ISO 22000 certification, Nedlin Industry complies with the highest standards in the area of food safety. So at Nedlin, clean truly means clean.

Guaranteed food safety
The purpose of the ISO 22000 certification is to offer consumers safe food. This standard is the worldwide standard for all organisations in the food industry. Through this certification, Nedlin guarantees compliance with the highest standards. Furthermore, the TÜV inspects our processes every year. This way, clients no longer have to perform audits. Because the highest standard that they work with, is also guaranteed at Nedlin. This results in a sense of safety.

100% Hygiënisch

100% hygienic
The new laundry facility of Nedlin Industry must be entered through an ultra-modern hygiene sluice. You have to wash and disinfect your hands, and then the automatic turnstiles will open. A white overcoat and hair net are required. Not just for our employees, but also for management, suppliers and visitors. All of our laundry facilities dirty and clean laundry in a hygienic way. Furthermore, there is hardly any human involvement in the laundry process.

Innovative and sustainable
Our laundry facility is innovative and sustainable. RFID technology and unique software ensure maximum quality and transparency. We wash, sort and pack fully automatically, attuned to the wishes of the client. Robotisation, automation and humans as experts, complementing each other seamlessly.

Klantspecifieke bedrijfskleding
Innovatie bezoeken

Lower costs, higher impact
Our laundry facility is furnished so efficiently, that we can produce for the lowest comprehensive cost price (Total Cost of Ownership). Without cleanroom, because this is not necessary to ensure hygiene, which means it is an unnecessary expense. This way, we can provide the highest standard for the best price.

ISO 22000

Better every day
Our ambition is to do even better every day. That is why we are proud of our ISO 22000 certification. Proud that our capacity has tripled with the construction of Nedlin Industry, with a hyper modern vehicle fleet. And proud that we can guarantee hygiene and food safety.