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Our company has been an established name in the hospitality industry for several decades. We rent and clean linen for major hotels and holiday resorts in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Thanks to our unique system and highly efficient logistics, we can guarantee that you will always have the right amount of linen at the right time.

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We have developed an exclusive linen programme especially for you as a hotel owner. You will always have your own linen package, which you can put together in consultation with us, taking into account the look and feel of your hotel. You will get to determine the quality, dimensions, design, and colour of your linen.

We work closely with a number of manufacturers and suppliers that we choose on the basis of quality. Nedlin is not bound to any one party and can provide you with independent advice. What’s more, we will guarantee that you always have enough linen at your disposal.

Of course, we also give you the option to choose sustainable linen. Nedlin is increasingly supplying GOTS and Fairtrade-certified linen. This is an informed choice that your guests will notice and appreciate.

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Thanks to our highly innovative industrial laundry facilities, among the most modern in Europe, we can ensure that your linen and clothing come out of the wash 100% clean. Furthermore, we can achieve this using only very little water, energy, and detergent. For example, did you know that we only need two litres of water per kilogram for a wash that would use an average of 20 litres of water per kilogram in the home?


With Nedlin, you will always have enough linen at your disposal, even during the festive season and other busy periods. Since Nedlin rents, washes, and manages your linen, we understand your day-to-day challenges better than anyone else. That is why we have developed a system that combines a high minimum quantity of linen with highly efficient logistics.

Furthermore, we will carry out a stock-take of your linen supply at least once a year. That way, we can supplement your linen on time, if necessary. You will always have the right amount of clean linen at the right time without having to give it a second thought.


"All of our services and products are based on our distinctive approach. Quality is always our priority"



We love smart logistical solutions and manage all of our own transportation. That means we can closely harmonize deliveries with your internal logistics processes. Before we start working for you, we will identify your logistical challenges and offer suitable solutions.

You can also rely on us during the festive season and other busy periods. Nedlin always makes its deliveries at set times, in accordance with fixed agreements. That way, loading and unloading and your internal logistics processes will run smoothly. If you need advice on your internal logistics processes, we would be happy to help.

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Information system

Our management information system can provide you with an overview of your linen or clothing usage at any time of the day. You can access your current usage figures on our extranet. It features a handy tool that enables you to export this data to an Excel file that can be used by your housekeeping department.

You can also use our information system to specify costs per cost centre or department. Nedlin offers complete transparency and gives you control over the costs of running your hotel.


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The Nedlin benefits

Every day presents new opportunities, new insights, and new energy. Every day we do everything we can to make things easier. That way, you can concentrate on what you do best: providing good service and hospitality. At Nedlin the lines of communication are short, our services and products are top quality, and we deliver on agreements.


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Most high-quality linen
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100% hygienic
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Always enough supply
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Smart logistics
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All services under one roof
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A deal is a deal
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Highest environmental benefit

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Our service revolts around our products. For lasting beauty of our linen and towels, we invest in the best quality. Thanks to our innovative laundry process, our products last considerably longer. As a result, your total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.