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100% hygienic

We do not take any risks where hygiene is concerned. We will wash your linen perfectly and hygienically clean. According to the strictest standards and the right ISO certification (ISO 9001 and RABC). Furthermore, we provide real-time monitoring of the laundry process. This way, we can make changes right away, if necessary.
100% Hygiënisch


The highest


State of
the art

Own linen

State-of-the-art wasserij

State-of-the-art laundry facility

With our laundry facility, we have created a new standard in the sector. We are now working even more efficiently, more hygienically, and more sustainably, as well as 100% transparently. With a strict division between dirty and clean linen, the smartest processes and innovations in machinery and technology.

De beste kwaliteit

Stricter standards

Nedlin works according to the highest hygiene standards for your linen. Furthermore, our laundry process is constantly monitored. So your guests can always feel safe.

We apply new innovations in the production process

Luuk de Win
Innovatief wasproces

Innovative laundry process

Cool Chemistry

We wash with the Cool Chemistry technique, a pH neutral laundry process with a lower acidity. This technique is less taxing for the linen and for the environment.

ISO 9001 en RABC

Nedlin works with stricter standards, with respect to nationwide hygiene regulations. With our ISO 9001 and RABC (CERTEX) certification, you are assured of the best quality.

Process Guard

Our Process Guard system guards the microbiological conditions of the laundry process in real time. So in case of a deviation, we can make changes right away. And not only after 48 hours, as is the case with classic methods.

Customer-specific laundry process

Not only is your linen package personal, we also have a customer-specific laundry process. We will wash per badge, so your linen will never be mixed with the linen of other customers.

Klantgebonden wasproces


All the benefits

Our ambition is to do better each day. Better because we know it is possible. And what’s more: because we think we should. For you, it comes with the following benefits:
Benefit 1
Most high-quality linen
Benefit 2
100% hygienic
Benefit 3
Always enough supply
Benefit 4
Smart logistics
Benefit 5
All services under one roof
Benefit 6
A deal is a deal
Benefit 7
Highest environmental benefit
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Our promise

Lower costs, higher impact