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Always enough supply

You always want to have enough linen, especially when things are extra busy. That is why we supply more than enough linen, attuned to your highest consumption. This way, you will always have enough, even during the holidays and other busy times.
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High volume angle

We will supply a high volume angle, based on your highest consumption. We can give you advice about your optimal supply. And of course, we will offer new linen on time. This way, you will never have shortage and you can always count on the best quality.

Fixed delivery times

Nedlin always makes deliveries according to fixed appointments and at fixed times. You will never have to worry about whether or not our driver will come. As a result, the continuity of your business operations is guaranteed at all times.

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To us, a deal is a deal. We do what we promise, our drivers arrive on time and you will always have enough supply.

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every day

Sufficient supply

We will frequently take stock at your location, to see if you still have sufficient linen. By doing this consistently and resupplying regularly, we can guarantee optimal service.

Own drivers

At Nedlin, we work with our own drivers, who are familiar with our customers. They know you and your situation. To us, they are the calling card of our company; to you, they are partners who proactively contribute ideas.

Personal contact

In order to provide our customers with the custom work that they deserve, we take the time to really get to know each other. We frequently stay in touch with you, even while doing your laundry. This way, we can easily react to new developments.

Delivery reliability

We are constantly checking your supply and will restock your linen package on time. Furthermore, our logistical quickscan will provide perfectly furnished logistics, connecting seamlessly to your internal processes. The result? Optimal service, less internal hours and a delivery reliability of no less than 98%.



All the benefits

Our ambition is to do better each day. Better because we know it is possible. And what’s more: because we think we should. For you, it comes with the following benefits:
Benefit 1
Most high-quality linen
Benefit 2
100% hygienic
Benefit 3
Always enough supply
Benefit 4
Smart logistics
Benefit 5
All services under one roof
Benefit 6
A deal is a deal
Benefit 7
Highest environmental benefit
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Our promise

Lower costs, higher impact