CSR theme 6

Our employees help us demonstrate our involvement and commitment. They understand the needs of our customers and our local environment. Our healthy business operations make it possible to earmark funds for annual sponsoring at the corporate, client, and local level. 

MVO Thema 6 NL
  • Each year we make €25,000 available for charitable causes and local sponsorship initiatives.

This is what Nedlin already achived:

  • Sponsor the United World College Maastricht each year.
  • Sponsor the BeterBoek, Toon Hermans Huis, and the local fire brigade.
  • Create a sponsorship budget for employees.
  • Partner with MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands), Limburgse Werkgeversvereniging (Limburg Employers' Association), and Federatie Textielindustrie Nederland (Dutch Textile Industry Federation).

CSR Goals

We have summarised our ambitions and concrete results in 6 themes. By working on various projects with our employees in project teams, we will quickly realise our ambitions, and create support and solidarity in achieving our goals.

Transparante keten
Transparent supply chain
MVO Thema 2 card
Energy efficiency
Smart logistics
Sustainable working environment
Duurzaam aanbod
Responsible product range
MVO Thema 6 card