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At Nedlin, doing laundry is not just about washing workwear and linen. First and foremost, it is about premium quality linen and offering sustainable logistics solutions. But people are the priority at Nedlin. People who will make the difference for you.

Egbert Jan
Egbert Jan Schulenburg
Manager Sales Industry

Nedlin is more than just a laundry facility. We de-stress our customers, and think in solutions and customisation. Our account managers offer you support with sensible advice. We are constantly innovating to make our service as efficient, durable and high-quality as possible. This also provides us with support in our efforts for sustainability.

You can reach us until 5:00 p.m. today.                          
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Sander Simons
Plantmanager Industry

Nedlin is not just an organisation that I am very proud of, but also an organisation that I personally identify with. Knowing what keeps our customers awake at night, knowing what motivates them and what issues they are dealing with. This is the motivation that enables Nedlin to make our offer and our business operations transparent, accessible and flexible. Working together on quality and sustainable innovations, those are the foundations of quality improvement at Nedlin.


Always a customised solution

You can always contact us, even if you are not a customer yet. Request a counselling interview or do a quickscan to see what aspects of your organisation need improvement the most.

Our Industry laundry facility is located in Hoensbroek. From here, we work for various companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Hoensbroek contact

Nedlin Industry                    
De Koumen 57                                              
6433 KG Hoensbroek                                   
The Netherlands
+31 45 521 37 70

Nedlin is easy to reach, by car and by public transport. Our location in Hoensbroek is close to the A76 highway. There are sufficient parking spaces.