As a family company, Nedlin focuses on the long term - on the future. Doing business means more to us than just making money. It’s about having a purpose, and earning the right to be a successful business. To maintain that right, we aim for value creation instead of profit maximization. We believe that doing business is, by definition, a social activity. As a company, you are part of society.

Consequently, there is more to Nedlin’s laundry services than washing alone. We also provide top-quality linen and sustainable logistical solutions. However, our top priority is people. That is why we invest in our human capital and in our clients. We do this by being truly open to the activities in which another person is engaged and by using our knowledge and expertise in a way that benefits everyone. That way, we build sustainable relationships with our clients, employees, partners, and surrounding environment.

Nedlin has ultra-modern laundry facilities with highly-innovative machinery. Our machines use the very minimum amount of water, energy, and detergent while still cleaning perfectly and hygienically.

We feel a sense of responsibility towards the environment and want to contribute to the quality of life for future generations. There’s a reason why Nedlin has ISO 14001 certification. Sustainable production is one of our top priorities.

Nedlin was also the first laundry service in the Netherlands to obtain ISO 50001 certification. Our production location is so modern that we can identify and monitor all of our energy streams right down to the smallest details. That way, we can achieve lower CO2 emissions, minimizing our impact on the environment.